Gem & Bolt Mezcal with Damiana 44% ABV 750ml


Gem & Bolt Mezcal with Damiana 44% ABV 750ml

Gem & Bolt Mezcal with Damiana 44% ABV 750ml

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What's makes your mezcal different?

DAMIANA. DAMIANA. DAMIANA. Our mezcal at its essence is of superb quality, produced artisanally, and with a lot of care and deep-rooted instinct. But what makes it stand apart is our distinct distillation with damiana. It’s a perfect love affair between agave and damiana—both such powerful and noble plants. Neither overpowering the other, but a really incredible harmony between the two.

For those who have never heard of damiana, can you explain what it is?

Damiana has been used for hundreds of years by the Aztecs, Mayans, Zapotecs, and in many other parts of the world. It’s a flowering bush, native to Mexico, with mythological properties. It thrives in the same climate as agave, and naturally complements the essential “heart opening properties” of our high-frequency spirit. Damiana is believed to endow magical properties in the bedroom, as well as touted for being a natural anti-depressant, overall organ tonic, and mood elevator. It’s a super herb!

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